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 * standard pages like "HelpOnEditing" and "HelpOnMoinWikiSyntax" are missing (also check other wanted pages)

Site Issues

This site needs a lot of work! If you want to discuss the direction, have ideas or would like to help but don't know where to start then just mail robertle@semistable.com

Site Plan/Todo

Initially the site could be as simple as

  • a front page that very shortly explains what attac is, the situation of attac in the UK and what all of this is about + links to the stuff below
  • a more detailed page on attac with a bit of history, differentiation of the different charters, and more UK-specifics, links to the parent and peer sites
  • a detailed page for each of the main campaigns we want to feature, I'd suggest "disarm the markets" and "tax justice" for now, we can then discuss other stuff later
  • a few pages with an article about a relevant economical concept each. this is to add some beef to the site and make it interesting. things I could think of off the top of my head: game theory/beauty contest, credit default swaps/insuring your neighbours house, GDP vs wealth. these should be linked from the campaigns and other pages where appropriate
  • a site with links to current news and events, needs to be updated frequently. we might need to work out a way to do this, e.g. make different people responsible for monitoring different news sources and linking where appropriate
  • a site with links to other sites and to books, movies etc that are relevant and interesting

Known Website Problems (Technical)

  • update moin version (http://lists.debian.org/debian-security-announce/2011/msg00198.html)

  • email for the domain (attac.org.uk) is currently not delivered anywhere
  • CSS for printed pages should have a b/w attac logo somewhere, and different/smalller margins
  • licensing information is missing
  • contact page is missing
  • getting started + sandbox missing
  • email address obfuscation would be nice
  • CSS doesn't really work well in the presence of pictures (see LinksAndLiterature), needs some sort of "clear: all" on headlines

  • recent changes shows time, but not date
  • general page layout is a bit ugly, there is too much space before the main (white) page float. either the page float could overlap with the top left balloon or the balloon could have a banner that stretches across the whole page. this could then e.g contain slogans or current hot topics

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