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## page was renamed from Help Us

Join our Effort

Attac has so far not been particularily strong in the UK, which is surprising given the unique and important direction it provides. Hardly any country needs Attac more than the UK! So come and join us, there are a couple of ways in which you can help:

Develop the Site

We need a lot of good content that makes this site interesting: an introduction to attac and it's campaigns, some articles on basic topics, a selection of links and books to read etc. A preliminary plan on what is needed most is on the SiteIssues page.

Hand-out material

Let's work together on a great flyer and similar non-web material.

Report Problems with the Site

The website is fairly new and a bit complicated, so it would not be surprising if we initially had a whole set of problems. This will range from minor, cosmetic issues, to missing information and usability problems and questions. If you use the site, please keep your eyes peeled for these issues, however small, and report them on the SiteIssues page.

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