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I suppose you already know this initiative by actionaid:


Not sure what you will prefer to see from attac. I can find you the latest links in english from attac tv if that helps.

For example, I suppose you already know about this:


And this action from last year:

The following video is another "tax heaven" explanation from attac norway.

Another big group trying to tackle this issue is taxjustice:

Maybe we can find one more recent or get an interview with someone to explain tax heaven's and how to end them.

About the info from attac UK probably it can be use the basic info about http://www.attac.org/en website. There is an explanation what is attac. In Attac UK it can be just said that this is the UK part.

And one last but not least, I think it will be good to get to basics with the "Tobin Tax" as politicians started talking about it but without stating that this should be use for international development (specially poor countries).
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